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The Classic

The Slasher whips, turns and perches. It’s perfect for beach breaks or adding slashing turns.
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The Australian Slasher

This board was designed to be a well-rounded traditional longboard. Inspired by the young Australian surfers and designers of the late 60’s the Australian Slasher whips, trims, turns, and perches. The Slasher has a pulled back wide point, neutral rails, and simple bottom. Perfect for beach breaks or adding some turns and slashes to your logging game.

The Slasher is my go-to for mid-size waves. I always have it in my quiver.”

– CJ Nelson

Surfboard Specs



Glossy Choppy



0% 100%



Nose Riding Turning

Wave Height


Small Large



Beginner Pro


9’4” x 23 1/4” x 3 1/4”
Volume: 75 Liters
Width 12″ from nose: 18 3/8″
Width 12″ from tail: 16″

9’10” x 23 1/2” x 3 3/16” 
Volume: 79 Liters
Width 12″ from nose: 18 5/8″
Width 12″ from tail: 16 1/4″

Fin Set-Up:

Single FCS Fin Box

Blank Construction:

EPS | E-Matrix


  • 6 oz Japanese manufactured carbon fiber cloth. Super good quality…’nuff said
  • Flex characteristics….slow flex and fast rebound…these boards need a few sessions to “break them in” and limber them up, but are super responsive/snappy due to fast rebound rate
  • Lighter weight
  • This is a 50/50% blend of carbon fiber and INEGRA (ultra-high molecular
  • This lamination uses regular fiberglass and opaque pigment in the resin for the color very traditional style of lamination in this case
  • color pigment is mixed into the resin during lamination…in the case of the “Clear” board, the pigment is opaque white
  • Flex characteristics of fiberglass
  • Traditional weight
  • This material is 6 oz fiberglass that is infused with super-fine aluminum powder which gives it its silver appearance
  • This material results in a slightly heavier lamination due to the weight of the aluminum and the 6 oz fabric takes a bit more resin
  • Flex characteristics like fiberglass, but since 6 oz, a bit stiffer than 4 oz laminations
  • Traditional weight

Shaper | Ian Chisholm

Ian Chisholm was inspired by the young Australian surfers, designers, and shapers of the late 60’s. The Aus Slasher is an involvement style shape, Ian has been Shaping and producing for 20yrs that allows you to whip, turn and perch.

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CJ’s Board Breakdown

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The Slasher Rips in All Conditions

“Stoked to be out shredding the summer slop on our Slasher. When Ian Chisholm and I designed this board we really wanted to make a board that would perform in good waves but dominates in terrible ones. Our Thunderbolt Technology paired with the wide point back, traditional 50/50 rails and a nice loggy weight makes this board feel really comfortable under almost any pilots feet. This particular board single-handedly changed my perception of what a traditional longboard was capable of. Turns on a dime and cuts through chop like butter. Always excited to turn a few laps on the Slasher.” – CJ

This board is for me


A Staple in our team riders quiver

“The Slasher 9’10” is for me the most diverse log I’ve ever surfed. The way it rolls from rail to rail and the drive off the bottom is just insane. Even when the waves got a bit bigger and juicier it worked great!  It might not be called a noserider, but to me it feels like a dream on the nose as well!” – Jord Fortmann